Champ ($CHMP) is a token on ERC-20. Starting with staking built in the contract and with ChampFlix (a Netflix like platform) and Comic Books NFTs and continuing the story with ChampVPN under development, United Shillers - a marketplace and squad for crypto shillers an adult utility! All of that with charity combined. 5% of our marketing wallet will go to charity. Almost everything that one can think of exists in cryptocurrency. The cryptoverse has in a matter of time grown the market from 0 to 2 800 000 000 000 dollars. Yet, we felt there was two things missing - which is a blockchain based super hero and a great comic book NFT concept - to be honest, those two are pretty damn well aligned. Every comic book episode will be released as a mintable NFT, in various scarce supply.

(Uniswap v2)

The first chapters are already written and will be delivered shortly after launch, however - the $CHMP SAGA is far from complete and our ambition is to make the first comic book DAO in the world, letting you, our holders, decide in what direction the SAGA will develop. This will be the biggest comic book co-creation happening the cryptoverse ever had and the more we are, the merrier it will be and the more money everyone involved will make. As Crypto Champ would have said "To the moon bitches!"...


There is a 12% tax on buys, 8% goes to liquidity and 4% goes to marketing. The sell tax is 20% (temp. reduced from 25%) and goes to liquidity. That means better liquidity and also the liquidity is injected. Liquidity is locked with Unicrypt and the ownership of the contract will be renounced once our staking features are ready.


Liquidity is locked with Unicrypt for 1 year and ownership of the contract will be renounced once our staking features and listings on CEX & DEX are ready. Our marketing wallet is in ETH so there are no sells.


5% of our marketing wallet will be reserved for charity, to support sick people, homeless people with food & shelter, to help old people living in countries with corrupt welfare system and support animal shelters.


We have chads and degens planned to work for us on Twitter full time. We will only use influencers that have interacted with ETH whales. We are focusing on growing slow and steadily rather than creating a P&D.


Our contract includes space for upgrade that we work on for 4 months - staking. $CHMP stake launches Q2 2022. The taxes that go to marketing will be reduced and pointed out to the wallet for staking.

In total supply


Please set the slippage to 3% when buying (WE HAVE A DISCOUNT FROM 10% to 2%, 1% is Uniswap fee) and to 25% when selling (WILL DEDUCT ONLY 20%). If Uniswap gives you an error, try increasing it or setting it to auto. Disclaimer: CHMP taxes are subject to change according to market conditions. However, the contract is hard coded to never go above 20% taxes on buys and 25% taxes on sells. Furthermore, taxes will be decreasing gradually as CHMP grows in marketcap!

Why Crypto Champ?

Have you ever seen a cooler super hero than Ben, the Crypto Champ? A looser living in moms basement spending his days eating pizza and smoking pot, who became a whale by buying ETH and shitcoins early. Crypto Champ, loved by ladies, pot-heads, your favorite pizza delivery guy and degens – will do whatever it takes to take you one step forward and making you fucking rich. Our first step is launching the mooniest token ever made. Our second step is launching a comic book where every page is a limited edition NFT with full commercial rights to the brand Crypto Champ. Come on man, how epic would it be to get the rights to use this soon to be classic brand, belonging to the first crypto super hero ever made. Don’t fucking tramp – follow champ!

Frequently Asked Questions


Crypto Champ NFTs are as their name implies, NFTs of the original Crypto Champ in comic books. How it works is fans or casual readers owning a digital comic book chapter by buying the NFT that represents that particular chapter. Essentially, Crypto Champ COMIC NFTs allow for digital “first editions” that have a collectible value in the same way that physical editions that are firstly released have value. Each holder of a NFT comic book will get the commercial right to use the Crypto Champ brand. So if anyone want to start a pineapple pizza restaurant, a brothel, a merch web shop or whatever, one will be free to do so.


Utility 1 - ChampFlix the new Era of Netflix, ad free, exclusive for $CHMP holders! If you are a $CHMP holder please reach to us on our Telegram to get access to ChampFlix. Champ is the hero of anime and we bring you the latest anime videos for entertainment and education before everyone else.

Utility 2 - ChampsTube is the $CHMP adult video platform. Upload and share your 18+ videos and get rewarded with $CHMP tokens for every 10,000 views you receive. ChampsTube will also have a tip service where viewers can reward their favorite enterpreneurs in Champ tokens, by scanning the QR code. The best adult NFTs will also be minted throgh ChampsTube. A new era of making money for adult champs!

Utility 3 - ChampVPN - Q4 2022 the ChampVPN app will be released with the best servers in Sweden, a privacy focused country and all over Europe, Asia and America.

Utility 4 - United Shillers Platform - The Online Market where you will be able to hire top Twitter Influencers and shillers, YouTube Influencers, Tiktok & Instagram influencers to shill for you. All vendors on our market will be vetted for quality and they will need to pay and hold (stake) $CHMP tokens to get listed on the United Shillers.

Utility 5 - CHARITY - After having been supported by multiple crypto projects that work for charity, we will also reserve 5% of out marketing wallet that will be used for charity actions. We will be supporting sick people, homeless people with food & shelter and help old people living in countries with corrupt welfare system. We will also be supporting animal shelters.

First quarter of 2022 - Stealthiest launch in crypto history, Champ just deployed the contract and added LP out of his big deep pockets. Shortly after, Epic Degen Marketing will start! Partnering with other ERC-20 projects that have good reputation. The first Crypto Champ NFT comic book will be released and all holders of more than 125 000 000 $CHMP tokens will get a 50% discount on all future $CHMP NFT releases.
Focus on community development and marketing. The ambition is to make this an interactive experience where the community will give the ideas for the progress of the comic book. Listings on CG and CMC.

Second quarter of 2022 - When we grow and build a strong $CHMP squad and the comic book is released, our main focus will be on getting listed on a couple of CEX exchanges and further develop the concept and token price. We will add liquidity on Kishiswap, SaitaMask and ShibaSwap (if approved). Intentionally, the roadmap isn't set in a stoned mode and the reason for that is that Crypto Champ, even though he is bad ass - isn't a fucking dictator. Crypto Champ wants to do this together with you guys. This means that a DAO will be established in Q2 2022 and the development of the project will be decided by the community, the more tokens held, the more voting power. Let's go guys!

Head of creative (Smoking pot and watchin Rick & Morty)
30 years experience of weed and comics. Called a lunatic by many, a genius by a few and handsome by absolutely no one but his mom!


Head of web (smoking pot and managing the website)
25 pot head experience, 10 years experience of web development. Loves candy and hates taking shit from his wife.


Degen waify & pot lover, no kids, only dogs and some coins. Shill squad #1 with multiple boobie like profiles with real content on Twitter.
Got more profits than the rest of the team from Saitama!


A degenerate trader that hates his wife, smokes pot every day and flips shitcoins on Ethereum since 2019. Gifted from god for Math and Programming, focused in crypto and pentesting.

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